The shopping mall at the end of the world

Only 12 miles to go and I’ve got Dave Bamford as back up. A rather good breakfast at the rather underwhelming Coldstreamer and we’re on our way.

Penzance looks interesting but no time to stop except to photograph this strange empty but open seaside swimming pool.

Hitch up with National Cycle Route 3 for the last few miles includind a sandy cliff top path into the ‘Lands End Experience shopping mall’ . Manage to get the necessary photo without paying a tenner by hanging around outside the railings.

I’ve done it. Feel rather satisfied but a little bit lost. What now? We go to St Ives thats what. Barbara Hepworth – 0, Crab Sandwiches – 4. End up shacked up above the town in a Hotel the size of Buck Palace with amazing sub tropical gardens.

Eat fish and chips off of specially printed Times facsimiles. Home tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “The shopping mall at the end of the world

  1. How come I can’t get David Bamford come and collect me whenever I break down… nervously or otherwise?

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