Almost there

Spent last night in an excellent B&B in Mevagissey. Everything worked,everything you needed was there, landlady friendly but not nosey – the St Meva on the cliffs above the town * * * *  Have not included any pics of Mevagissey as one pretty little Cornish fishing harbour looks much like another. Set off this morning with all the weather forecasts predicting a plague of frogs but surprise, surprise not a drop fell on me all day. Caught the ferry from St Mawes to Falmouth, very tricky negotiating the steep steps down the harbour wall with a 7ft recumbent but luckily a friendly ex-biker gave me a hand. Spotted this ridiculously over canvassed (?) little boat on the way across.

Took a bit of a shine to Gweek on the way through – a real working boat yard village

Took even more of a shine to it when the local roadside cafe offered up this for lunch (posh eh)

Am now sitting in the The Coldsteamer pub near Penzance waiting for Mr Bamford to show up feeling rather weird now its almost over,


1 thought on “Almost there

  1. Congrats Pete; sounds like the weather has been kinder than expected and the blog makes great reading.
    Don’t forget the obligatory photo at Lands End!
    Well done!

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