Rabbits and cows

Had a really excellent stay at Carrie and Martins in Bratton Clovelly, not to mention the venison stew and a lot of very helpful advice on the next bit of the route. I also made the acquaintance of the village rabbit – a free range bunny who seems to have cracked both who is going to feed it and where the big dogs live and is consequently living a life of quiet luxury.

Set off for another sunny ride through the lanes but alas on entering Cornwall I find many gradients, its sort of like riding from Presteigne to Knighton to Clun over and over again. There was a little light relief in the form of ancient monuments like this one that looks even more phallic than the geezer who fell over his balaclava.

But the big treat was just over the fence. While we were in Scotland we had a high stakes game going called Spot the Belted Galloway but they seemed to have become extinct, however lo and behold here was a great gang of them hanging round on a Cornish hillside!

I have just one more treat for you that I remembered to photograph before I ate it. Can you guess? …You’re right It’s a smoked mackerel scotch egg.


4 thoughts on “Rabbits and cows

  1. Entertaining reading, though the balaclave joke might need some explaining – perhaps when you return to base it might be possible to get some info regarding the Tour de Presteigne – as we at Dorset Energized are considering putting on our own version in 2013, hopefully with some assistance from our friends at AtoB Magazine.

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