Back on the bike in Bridgewater

Had a very weird day yesterday. Started riding towards Lands End with my friend William on the other bike but after a very pleasant ride through the lanes to Ewys Harold William realised he felt really shitty and sensibly decided to pull out. He said “Pete my batterys run down and I don’t mean the one on the bike” So we all got ferried home by Willo and I sat around all evening pondering my options and late this morning Al drove me down to the Severn Bridge to carry on where I’d left off, travelling by myself. Its a very different vibe cycling alone and after a concerned Samaritan had prevented me jumping off the Clifton Suspension Bridge –

and accepted I was actually just taking pics for my blog; had quite by chance met up with Rhoda’s son Piers; and fought a rather violent battle with the A38 I have arrived in a well equipped triple room with en-suite on a busy intersection in Bridgewater. Sorry no pics till tomorrow – forget the USB lead!


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