Back in Rumbaland

Cycled like loonies (73 miles) to get to Llanfyllin  near Oswestry in time for the soundcheck. The gig had been organised by Pete Beresford aka Herbert Spliffington and the plan was to meet the rest of Little Rumba there plus Ben Garman who was going to play drums. Sure enough there were all there plus Alison, Willo and Nikki and we got stuck into a really nice evening at The Old New Inn. The gig is in a little hall tacked onto the back of the pub which soon filled up with an enthusiastic crowd who all got up and danced like crazy. What a brilliant way to end the musical bit of part one.  Unfortunately I was having such a good time i took no pics but after everyone had gone we went round to Su’s house round the corner to stay the night before the ride to Presteigne. Her house is stupendous a mixture of 15th,17th and 18th century bits all decorated in a sumptuous slightly Eastern style It was a privilege to stay there.

On Sunday we set off for a leisurely ride to Presteigne, cold but sunny, very beautiful and incorporating a stop at Will’s in Bishops Castle for lunch at the 3 Tuns and a few snaps of the corrugated barn (soon to be demolished) behind his house.

Then home via Bedstone and Brampton Bryan chatting abourt the trip and marvelling about how well the bikes and eZee electric motors had coped and also how comfortable they had been, no stiff legs or sore bums for us. We rode down from Letchmore Lane to find a banner of toilet paper across the road and as it was my birthday there was a full-on tea party waiting!

760 mls on the cycle computer so far. Next stop Lands End as soon as I’ve finished the next issue of Broad Sheep and put up all the photos you haven’t seen on a separate page of this blog.


2 thoughts on “Back in Rumbaland

  1. are you really not doing any gigs between there and Lands End?? What about South Molton (north Devon)? How am I going to get to see you?

  2. Welcome back Pete (and John)… Have really enjoyed your blogs (and fortitude), but had forgotten about your birthday (which means Nicola’s, too), so welcome also to the pensionable society! Look forward to the second leg.

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