Country superstars and pirates

Arrived at the Liverpool B&B to discover a vanload of rather surly young men throwing their bags into the back of a Transit Luton van. They drove off leaving us wondering who they were but as soon as we got inside the house it became apparent. This was the childhood home of massive Irish Country music star Nathan Carter (no me neither). His new CD was playing on the ghetto blaster his old CDs were piled up ready for us to purchase in the hallway. We disappeared into town as quick as possible to our gig which had inexplicably just changed venues from Pistachios Restaurant to The Head of Steam Bar in Lime Street. When we finally got into town we soon discovered The Head was actually in Lime Street station in fact it was to intents and purposes the station bar. As you can imagine at 8pm in the evening on Grand National day in the station bar not a lot of people were that interested in klezmer music and we died a thousand deaths on stage and all the time we were wondering what the hell we were doing there.

We scurried out of the station and decided to look for somewhere nice to eat to cheer ourselves up but soon found ourselves in the middle of Liverpool clubland which was full  of young ladies who seemed to have forgotten to put any clothes on (it was -3 degrees) and lots of venues that were competing to see who had the loudest sound system and the widest bouncers. Somewhere in the middle of this we found a delightful Italian fish restaurant and the resulting plates of prawns ,squid and clam linguine were spot on the money.

Left in a hurry in the morning to get the ferry across to Birkenhead only to discover we’d missed it and were forced to take the 10am Pirate Cruise in order to cross the water. Avast me hearties, yo ho ho and a plastic cup of tea.


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