The Black Horses’s shagpile

Left Vivs place and headed off down cycle route 6 towards Preston. Another really delightful days cycling crossing backwards and forwards over the M6 and eventually finding a route through the parks of Preston out to Bamber Bridge and The Black Horse. At the pub (you could have knocked us down with a feather) the very friendly bar staff were actually expecting us, very pleased to see us and showed us to our quarters – the whole of the empty upstairs rooms of the pub complete with fitted shagpile a sick cook in his bed, and not much else.

Meanwhile downstairs John Poulton the very affable RE! teacher who runs it was doing a splendid job of putting on a really friendly, high quality open mic session. All the performers, even the 16 year old who sang Rawhide, were really good humoured and entertaining and a couple including a local trio were stunning. As visitors we got to play 2nd and then close the show and as with the well run open mic in Ayr we had a ball.


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