Something wrong on the prom

Chas met us at Lancaster Castle and took us down to Viv’s great little house by the river to park the bikes and say hello to our hostess for the night. Then it was off to Morecombe to walk along the prom. Here is Chas’s house which is in a street that is reminiscent of Dresden in 1940. in fact the whole of Morecombe is very much a game of 2 halves. There is a lot of streets that resemble Chas’s only with added takeaway pizzas and betting shops and then there is the prom itself which looks like its expecting a visit from the whole bleeding Royal family.

It is liberally peppered with really good bits of ornithological sculpture and of course our Eric and then slap bang in the middle there is The Midland which although being now run by a bread and butter hotel chain still looks like a billion dollars complete with its Eric Gills, peppermint green and white space age loos and 21st century deco bar area.

Fit looking pensioners career up and down the prom on their electric bikes (yippee) while 20yards away on the other side of the road whole families smoking number 6’s stagger back from Aldi with bags stuffed with Mcains oven readies.

Chas unexpectedly cooked us a curry in a kitchen that makes Nicolas look like a Smallbone advert and we then all hurried off to a lacklustre open mic at the Stonewall Tavern run by ‘Italian Jerry’ a Fabio Capello lookalike where Chas and Viv got into an onstage argument about the chords to Temptation (ahh bless, just like the old days)


1 thought on “Something wrong on the prom

  1. I really enjoyed your set and hung on in case you were playing more.
    Not impressed with some of the other players (except Chas and Viv).
    Lancaster has a lot of good live music usually.

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