Dicky Doodles rock jam

For the first time the wind was in our face all day on the rather exhausting ride to Kendal with 2 battery top ups along the way. Arrived at Ruskins wine bar to discover (once again) no one is expecting us but the barmans happy for us to play and the joint looks kinda smart.

Ring the owner Sean to check if we have somewhere to stay and he tells us to come down to his yard behind Homecare. The yard was pretty extraordinary but not as strange as the look on Johns face when shown our accomodation on the floor of a blacksmith’s workshop!

John quickly skedaddled to The County Hotel while Sean began chainsawing up treetrunks to light the stove with. We went back to Ruskins wine bar and discovered it had no customers so we ended up downstairs at Dicky Doodles solubrious live music club to join in the Tueday night ‘Rock Jam’. However before that we needed to eat and an artist/ poet we met had told us that if he was dying his last request would be a plate of fish and chips from the nearby Fry-Days chip shop. As it turns out he was spot on the money and once we’d found a table on top of a nearby electricity junction box we tucked in. The electric jam night was organised by a friendly old rocker with a bandana who was happy for us to play to a mixed audience of old blues boys and young would be Hendrix’s. Went down pretty good and retired to our respective boudouirs very happy.


2 thoughts on “Dicky Doodles rock jam

  1. What a fantastic expedition, what heros you are! Love reading about your experiences – and breakfasts. All best wishes, James and Gill.

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